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Development of skills in Computing is crucial in preparing children for their future long after their schooling. With ever evolving technology in our modern world, as a school, we want children to leave Crayford Temple Grove with the ability to be responsible, respectful, resilient, and collaborative when using technology. It for this reason we start developing these skills in EYFS where children learn about how to programme through imaginative play. We challenge our KS2 children to present their learning using the skills they have learned throughout their schooling.

Why do we teach computing at Crayford Temple Grove?

Developing skills when using technology gives children the opportunity to showcase their creativity, discover learning for themselves, understand and analyse data and work together to present and share their ideas with a wider audience. This prepares children for a life beyond school in a modern world where technology will no doubt be a part of their lives.

Teaching our children to use technology safely is a priority at Crayford Temple Grove which is why we are a National Online Safety accredited school. We work with our children and families to make ensure everyone in our school community is aware of the dangers online.

When using technology children can develop their understanding of how our school values link beyond the classroom. We encourage our children to think about how they can be respectful, collaborative, responsible, resilient, honest and belong to a community online.


We have divided our Computing curriculum into 4 areas.


This is an area of the computing curriculum which is woven throughout our curriculum. Making sure that children are prepared for using technology ensures that children are safe and understand the dangers of using the internet. This includes knowing what to do if they see something worrying online, how to keep their personal information safe and understanding the usage rights of different materials they find online and understanding the reliability of different sources of information.


This involves learning how to analyse, collate and understand information. This will enable children to understand the reliability of information they find online, as well as leaning how to use different applications to present their own data.


This involves learning how to create code, starting in EYFS with simple instructions like how to move from one place to another to KS2 where children design and create their own games using Scratch.


This involves using different applications and devices efficiently. This starts with basic skills like using a keyboard and develops to children choosing an appropriate application or programme to present their learning whilst considering their audience. Children will experiment with using cameras, video and sound working collaboratively to work on a project as a group.

The skill and knowledge the children acquire in these areas prepare them to be safe, confident, and creative users of technology outside in the world.

Digital Literacy

In order to prepare our children to be confident users of technology, we understand the importance of developing our children to be digital citizens, understanding how to use the internet productively as well as understanding what the implications are of their actions online. We aim to create a school of digital workers and creators. We strive for our children to use office-based programmes skilfully, collaborating with others to develop their skills. Children have opportunities to use technology to create:

  • Digital Storytelling (Presenting/Film/Animation)
  • Digital Publishing (Print/Online)
  • Digital Audio (Music/Sound)
  • Digital Art & Design (Images/Interactive Design)
  • Digital Problem-Solving (Programming/Computational Thinking)
  • Digital Data (Using/Managing/Handling Information)

At Crayford Temple Grove we believe technology is a huge part of adult life, therefore, it is important that children leave our school prepared to use technology in various forms.

Computing across the curriculum

One of the foundations of our curriculum at Crayford Temple Grove is the use of technology. Our curriculum has been designed to give opportunities for learning across the curriculum. Children research and discover learning for themselves using the big questions in History, Science and Geography.  Children design games linked to their learning, for example, creating an interactive map of the local area in geography.  We encourage children to work together to present their ideas. Sharing work with each other and within our school community gives our children a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work. Technology is a tool to enhance the curriculum.


We encourage our children to enjoy and value the curriculum we deliver. We encourage children to make links in their learning and to think about how they can use technology to support their learning and understanding across the curriculum. We will constantly ask the WHY behind their learning and not just the HOW. We want learners to discuss, reflect and appreciate the impact computing has on their learning, development, and wellbeing. Finding the right balance with technology is key to an effective education and a healthy lifestyle. We feel the way we implement computing helps children realise the need for the right balance and one they can continue to build on in their next stage of education and beyond. We encourage regular discussions between staff and pupils to best embed and understand this. The way pupils’ showcase, share, celebrate and publish their work will best show the impact of our curriculum. Progress of our computing curriculum is demonstrated through outcomes and the record of coverage in the process of achieving these outcomes.