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French Vision

At Crayford Temple Grove, we believe that language is an essential part of learning, and the human experience, and learning a foreign language is a crucial part of this.  

Through learning a foreign language – in this case, French – students are enriched educationally and culturally. They not only gain knowledge of a second language – which is increasingly important in today’s multi-cultural and multi-lingual world - but they are exposed to a culture outside of their experiences and are able to compare similarities and differences between the culture in which they live, and that about which they learn. 

Due to the disruption our students are currently following the same French curriculum, and are learning to: 

  • Listen attentively to spoken language and demonstrate understanding by responding and joining in; 
  • Engage in conversation; 
  • Ask and answer questions; 
  • Speak in sentences, using familiar vocabulary and sentence structures; 
  • Develop and apply accurate intonation when speaking; 
  • Appreciate stories rhymes, stories, songs and poems in French; 
  • Read, and show understanding of, words and phrases in simple written passages; 
  • Broaden their vocabulary; 
  • Write familiar phrases from memory, and adapt these to create new sentences; 
  • Appreciate the differences and similarities in French and British culture.