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Geography Vision

At Crayford Temple Grove, we intend for children to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of the world around them as well as their place in the world. Geography is a key subject to help pupils understand their impact on the natural world and their links with other people in the wider world. This lends itself well to our global curriculum that includes a variety of global perspectives and allows our pupils the chance to be empathetic, 21st Century learners. Linked into our Geography curriculum are the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

Our pupils are particularly passionate about climate action and work hard both inside and outside of school to ensure our community is a clean, safe place to live. The ‘little pickers’ group clean the community twice a week and share the importance of litter picking with others. We are proud to say that the group are supported by the local council and have won awards such as Morrisons’ ‘Little Sunshine’ award for their hard work in the community.


Our vision for geography is implemented through carefully sequenced lessons which are planned according to the national curriculum and our subject knowledge overview. Key knowledge is built upon each year to develop the whole child and allow them to become well-rounded individuals. Lessons throughout the school are complemented by quality resources such as Lyfta. Lyfta allows children to gain a deeper understanding of global perspectives and virtually visit every country by the end of their schooling.

Our Geography curriculum is carefully planned into long-term plans and where possible, taught in a cross-curricular fashion. Where this is not possible, key skills and knowledge are explicitly taught to ensure the curriculum is not narrowed and our pupils are still exposed to the key information they need to progress within the subject. Children have the opportunity to explore inside and outside the classroom through a range of creative, practical, and engaging tasks.