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History Vision

At Crayford Temple Grove we intend for our children to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of how and why the world, our country, different cultures and especially our local community have developed and changed over time. This will then help the children to reflect and appreciate how the past affects the present and future events in a positive light and articulate what we can learn about ourselves in the 21st century. This fits in well with our school vision as it helps to develop empathy and teaching history with a global focus develops a deep understanding of the past and how it has shaped present day. 

Our History curriculum ensures that subject specific skills are taught from the use of our progression of skills map and knowledge overview. We have prioritised key aspects of local history and global history to provide a well-rounded history curriculum for our students. A sense of belonging permeates the school, and this is enhanced by opportunities to explore our local history.

There is opportunity for the children to progress and repeat the skills they have acquired to ensure that they are embedded in their key stage. These skills and knowledge are then built upon in the next key stage to ensure that the children are well rounded individuals who possess an understanding of the past and how it impacts the world they live in today.