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Music Vision

At Crayford Temple Grove, music is a means of expression for our children. Our pupils have weekly music sessions which expose them to a wide range of musical genres and instruments from all over the world. Our intent for music lends itself to our global curriculum and fervent focus on encouraging pupils to express themselves, their beliefs, and cultures. We immerse them in music from a range of cultures and from different parts of the world, as well as provide opportunities for them to compose their own pieces of music, which gives them the opportunity to share their feelings and emotions in a creative way.

Pupils also attend weekly singing assemblies where they can perform a variety of songs. These songs are rehearsed again by our choir club which allows those with a real passion for the subject to perform to wider audiences. At CTG, we believe that opportunities are boundless, and this is reflected in our music curriculum where enrichment opportunities are frequent and varied. For example, pupils attend Trust wide carol concerts and Young Voices.

Our music lessons are led by specialists within the subject from Bexley Music. Having specialist professionals deliver the content brings the subject to life and provides opportunities outside of the curriculum for our pupils to develop their musical ability.

Through our partnership with Bexley Music we aim to enrich the lives of young people within the school by providing opportunities for them to become actively involved in a wide variety of music activities.  

We recognise and embrace the wealth of important skills and attributes that music can deliver to our young learners such as: 

  • Music boosts pupils’ social development
  • Music improves learning skills
  • Music fosters team working
  • Music builds life skills
  • Music underpins better behaviour
  • Music encourages creativity
  • Music is for life
  • Music is an educational building block
  • Music is fun
  • Music is for everyone


The children within our school are all invited to further their knowledge in music by attending half term music courses which are fun, fully inclusive and hosted by Bexley Music.