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 At Crayford Temple Grove, good relationships are fundamental to our ethos and our success in being a happy, caring and safe school.  Relationships and Sex education, is lifelong learning about relationships, emotions, looking after ourselves, different families, sex, sexuality and sexual health.  We aim for all the children to have the appropriate knowledge, develop their skills and form positive beliefs, values and attitudes.  RSE has a key role to play in the personal, moral, social and spiritual development of young people.

RSE Policy

We feel it is important parents are aware of the RSE curriculum so that you feel prepared to support and answer any further questions your children might have at home.

Year 1 RSE overview

Year 2 RSE overview

Year 3 RSE overview

Year 4 RSE overview

Year 5 RSE overview

Year 6 RSE overview

The RSE curriculum has been mapped out clearly which ensures all the statutory elements are covered by the end of the primary school and the curriculum is delivered at the appropriate stage for our children.  Children are taught by familiar adults who they have a good relationship with, in order to facilitate constructive and supportive discussions around sensitive topics in a safe and secure environment.  Staff receive in-house training to support them in responding to the needs of the individual child and support children with any questions or concerns they may have.  If staff feel uncomfortable or unsure when delivering the RSE curriculum or dealing with individual needs, they know where to seek help and advice.  Our high expectations of behaviour, interpersonal relationships, respect and tolerance of others reflect the British Values upheld in both our community and the wider world.  Through the curriculum, children develop key skills and are prepared for the wider world beyond primary school. a world in which they can keep themselves safe and healthy and thrive with the support of the positive relationships they forge with those around them.

The curriculum has been updates in line with the statutory guidance:

Statutory guidance document